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10/08/14 05:44 PM #11    


Kathy Fons (Gargagliano)

Thanks to Tim and Gary and Linda and Nancy (and a few others behind the scenes)  for all their efforts putting together such a wonderful weekend.  It was fun, entertaining and most of all memorable. We knew so little about life when in high school and now look at us.  We all have wonderful stories to tell.  Tried to speak to everyone but I missed a few folks. Maybe next time. We have the ability now to keep in touch - internet, skyping, smart phones, kids, grandkids (I have great grand nieces and nephews who have taught me how to do so many things with my phone - no movies yet since I can barely see my small screen).  So let's do it. I hope you all continue to have a great life.  Am especially thankful that so many of us continue to be healthy and wise (for our age). And to everyone who made the effort to come to our gathering it was a pleasure re-meeting you. For those who couldn't make we'll send photos for you to enjoy.  Good life to you too. K

10/13/14 06:52 PM #12    

Mary Lou Ferris (Lipscomb)

Thanks again to all those who planned and participated in our 50th class reunion. It was such a great time reuniting with our classmates. Hope we can get together every year. Mary Lou

10/15/14 04:54 PM #13    

Robert Zimmerman

Has a date been set for 51st reunion!!!!!

10/15/14 08:28 PM #14    


Richard Bartnik

Let's all meet at 'Zimm's house.    ( lol )

10/16/14 08:49 AM #15    


Fred Torongo

Sounds good I'll bring the dip! Bob any beer will do!

10/20/14 01:25 AM #16    

Timothy Sauter


10/20/14 07:14 AM #17    

Marty Sullivan (McGinnity)

Great pictures!!  See you all next time.

10/23/14 12:59 PM #18    

Connie Warren (Trottier)

Tim, Gary and all who helped,

Thank you to everyone involved in our reunion.  We had a great time, it is hard to imagine an event that could have been better.  We especially liked the various venues that allowed more opportuities to talk with old friends.

Richard & Connie

10/24/14 09:27 AM #19    


Mary Meagher (Chisholm)

Many thanks and congratulations to everyone responsible for such a wonderful celebration.  The pictures are great and so fun for those of us who could not attend all the events.

Mary (Meagher) Chisholm

11/02/14 07:33 PM #20    


Terry Wheaton

What ever happened to Karl Short???  TR

11/14/14 02:04 PM #21    


Terry Wheaton

I just posted  photo(s) I found and looks like someone is waving at Buzz Poser?  It is on my profile under "latest interactions".  Take a look, if interested?  TR

11/16/14 02:13 PM #22    


Terry Wheaton

I just posted four others photos I ran across from SGS and our SHS Senior trip.  TR

11/25/14 06:00 PM #23    

Gail Sullivan (Talbot)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my those I had the pleasure of visiting with at the reunion,  to those I missed talking to and to those who were unable to attend!  The reunion was great with good memories.

May each of you and your families have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

11/25/14 07:03 PM #24    


Richard Bartnik

For all the '64s;  Mele Kalikimaka  and Hoali Maka Hiki Ho.    ' Hawaiian for Merry Chrustmas and Happy New Year   Peace on earth to all of you.

12/04/14 06:54 AM #25    


Fred Torongo

I did not see a birthday reminder for Fred " I'm So Happy" Buger. Mr Burger is 69 today 12/4. 

Happy BIrthday Freddy B!

03/02/15 08:07 PM #26    

Robert Zimmerman

The Wall Street Journal
* Please note, the sender's email address has not been verified

Check this article out from Feb 28th Wall St. Journal

I will bet that many of you can remember your parents parties like this in the early 60's

Enjoy     Bob Z - - Dave Barry: The Greatest (Party) Generation

03/17/15 10:07 AM #27    


Kathleen Little (Mulligan)

Happy St Patricks Day to all . Hope you all have a great day.

03/18/15 06:55 PM #28    

Kathy Hughes (Carten)

Thanks Kathy  We had a great one!

06/08/15 12:10 PM #29    

Kathy Hughes (Carten)

Next Lunch Wednesday June 17 Clawson Steak House 1pm!  Looking forward to seeing everyone again!  Let me know if you can make it so I can give them a final count.  Thanks  Kathy

07/29/15 08:16 PM #30    

Kathy Hughes (Carten)

Next Lunch is Wednesday Aug 5 at 12:30 at O'Maras  2555 W 12 Mile rd, Berkley , Mich  Reservation is under Kathy.  Hope to see you there!

07/30/15 07:46 AM #31    

Bob Trenkle


I intend on being there, Wednesday, August 5, 2015 unless something unexpected changes my plans. I look forward to seeing all who are able to attend.

Bob Trenkle

08/03/15 03:18 PM #32    

Timothy Sauter

Kathy does your comment mean you girls are getting tired of just seeing Bob and myself?

08/03/15 03:50 PM #33    


Richard Bartnik

Gosh Tim, You and Bob have it so hard.wink  LOL

08/04/15 06:44 PM #34    

Timothy Sauter

Mr,Bartnick, I'm expecting to see you at our Hall of Fame dinner October 3rd. for OUR football team 

04/05/17 02:07 PM #35    

Robert Zimmerman


Save the Date-- Shrine Golf Classic

June 19, 2017

Red Run Golf Club

$225 Per Person-- More Information to Follow


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